Ankle Fracture Plating System Launches

Ankle Fracture Plating System Launches


Paragon 28® is pleased to announce the launch of the Ankle Fracture Plating System. The Ankle Fracture Plating System is designed to provide a variety of fixation options for the fibula and distal tibia. The system includes plates for both universal and anatomically specific applications.

Product Features:
• All holes on all plates accept 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.2 mm locking and non-locking screws with interchangeable instrumentation
• Every hole has a recess that accommodates a syndesmotic screw or button while providing protection against screw head prominence when screws are placed off axis
• Unique centering guide offered to use with olive wire for temporary plate fixation

Straight Fibular Plates
• 3-16 hole plates available in all sets
• Moldable for universal applications
Straight Fib
Anatomic Fibular Plates
• Low profile with anatomic contouring
• 6 options in both right and left

Right Anatomic Plate Lineup Reverse 4Left Anatomic Fibula Plate Lineup

Medial Malleolus
• Low profile
• Anatomically contoured


Medial Mal Plate FrontMedial Mal Plate Lateral

To learn more about our Ankle Fracture products, please visit Ankle Fracture Plating System